List Checkout Settings

This page can be accessed by going to System > Settings > Checkout

Display Prices With Tax : turn it On if you are required to display prices with tax. If set to Off then taxes will only be included in the order totals on the checkout confirmation page.
By default Guest users with unknown shipping address will see Prices with Tax rate applied to default store address. Please check your Tax and Location settings if you setting not work for you.

Default Store Tax Rate : Select "Store Default Zone" to apply store address Tax rate for unknown not requested users.

Use Customer Tax Address : select customers Address to use in tax calculations. Shipping or Payment address.

Invoice Start No. : Set the starting number the invoices will begin from. The next invoice you create will have the new invoice number.

Invoice Prefix : Set the invoice prefix e.g. IN/001. Invoice ID's will start at 1 for each unique prefix.

Customer Group: Default customer group. Can change if, for example, you only sell to wholesale, employees, or other group you have created. Once a user register new customer account on your site he will be automatically assigned to default customer group.

Login Display Prices: Set to OFF to show prices only when a customer is logged in. If Guest users going to the product page they get the message "Please login or register to see price or to order.

Approve New Customers : Don't allow new customer to login until their account has been approved by store owner. Once approved customers will receive a confirmation e-mail

Require login name: To improve security, require customers to create unique login name instead of using email address as login name. If set to ON, existing customers will be asked to create new login name at the first login. If OFF, login name is set as customer email address.

Guest Checkout : Allow customers to choose between login required checkout and checkout without creating an account. This will not be available when a downloadable product is in the shopping cart.

Account Terms : Forces people to agree to terms before an account can be created. To create new one or edit exiting go to Admin-Design-Content.

Checkout Terms : Forces people to agree to terms before an a customer can checkout. These appear as checkbox that the customer must click to proceed checkout.

Stock Checkout : Allow customers to still checkout if the products they are ordering are not in stock (Product quantity 0). Read more about Stock processing configurations.

Maximum order amount allowed : Prevent checkout with large order sub-total amounts. 0 = NO LIMIT. Please note you can set Maximum Quantity (maximum ordered amount) for each product separately on Product edit page.

Minimum order amount : Prevent checkout if order sub-total does not reach minimum amount set. 0 = NO MINIMUM. Please note you can set Minimum Quantity (minimum ordered amount) for each product separately on Product edit page.

Order Status : Set the default order status when an order is processed. See also System > Localization > Order Status.


some Payment methods have the same separate setting which one can override this.

Allow Customer to Cancel Order on Status : Select one or several Order Statuses to allow Customers request order cancellation on the order page.

Display Weight on Cart Page : Show the cart weight on the cart page.

Use Shipping Session : Saves shipping quotes to session to avoid re-quoting unnecessarily. Quotes will only be re-quoted if cart or address is changed.

Same Page Add To Cart : This will enable AJAX add to cart feature. Product can be added to cart without redirecting to cart page. Note: this feature working only for products without options.

Show Zero Customer Balance : Enable/disable display of balance message if customer account balance is 0.

Shipping and Tax Estimate: Allow customers to get quick shipping and tax estimate block in the shopping cart page. (HTML5 template)

Coupon on shopping cart page: Allow customers to enter coupon code and see discount in the shopping cart page. (HTML5 Template). When disabled customer able to enter Coupon code during checkout.

After you have made your changes, select the save button