Language settings in WebriQshops

New language settings in WebriQshops starting from v1.1.2

Go to Settings -> Details section. If you have multiple stores, make sure to edit setting in the desired store. Read more about multistore set up in this article

Autotranslate Status: This globally enabled translation of missing text definitions or language specific data if text values are missing for used language.


Autotranslate will translate newly created content only, if you want to translate content when edit, please set Override if source language text was changed setting to ON.

Source language for translation: Select source language to be used for auto-translation. Will work only if you save translatable content in selected source language only. If you change texts in any other languages, translation will not be happening.

Text Translation Method: Select method you want to use for translation. Default method is a straight copy of source language text also others methods can be available if any translation extensions installed. For example: Google translate extension which one use Google Translate API v2 to translate from source language to all other available. See list of supported languages by Google translate API v2.

Override if source language text was changed: If set, text in all languages will be replaced with new translation if source language text is edited.


For Google translate API users: Can cause many paid translations.

Warn for missing language text: Get warning message if missing language text is detected. Disabled by default.

Go to System > Localization > Languages. When edit any installed language you can find Load missing language data section.

In this section you able to copy or translate missing language definitions from any installed language. To translate select Text translation method to Google translate.


This method available only if Google translate extension installed and configured.