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This site serves as a main official WebriQshops documentations resource for users managing and developing with WebriQshops. Documentation site covers many aspects involved with setting up your webstore, managing it with day to day activity, as well as developer oriented manuals.

Documentation walks you through the sections of the administration interface and provide solutions and hints to most functional areas of your ecommerce. You will be able to understand how your WebriQshops works and what each section is responsible for, how you can modify and setup the administration side to meet your business needs. Here you can find details on adding products to your store, keeping track of sales, managing customers, customizing texts, changing storefront design, adding extensions, and much more.

After reading this manual, you will be very comfortable with using the WebriQshops to set up your online shop and maintain it over time. If you are developer you will be ready to code with WebriQshops and develop extensions for your site or your customers.