Banner List

Design > Banner Manager

Using this feature, you can create your own Graphic or Text banner.

  • To delete a banner click on the detele button
  • To modify a banner click on the edit button
  • To add a new banner use the + button

Status: MUST be "ON" for banner to appear in your store. Status allows you to disable the banner from being showed on your site without having to delete it;

Type: Here you can set the type of new Banner: Graphic or Text;

Name: banner name;

Banner Group Name: select Banner Group Name or create new;

Sort Order in Group: Sort Order set's the order of which the Banner will be displayed amongst others n the Banner Group;

URL: banner link; for Graphic Banner type only.

Open in New Window: to open a banner link in a new browser window; for Graphic Banner type only

Date Range of Activity: select start & end dates  to banner will be displayed on storefront. Leave blank to display banner all the time;

Images: add banner image; for Graphic Banner type only

Meta information: -; for Graphic Banner type only

For Text banner Type the following fields will be hidden: URL, Open in New Window, Images and Meta information

Banner HTML-code: the HTML code of Text Banner.


Make sure you have disabled Adblock+ (or similar) addon in browser - by default Adblock prevent to load HTMLcode editor and some banners.

After you have made your changes, select the SAVE button.

Display Banner on Storefront

Banners should be assigned to Banner Block

To display Banner on Storefront go to the Admin > Design > Blocks page - Insert new Block - Banner Block Tab.

Fill the following fields:

Custom Block Name: block name;

Custom Block Title: the tittle will be displayed in the heading of block;

Use block wrapper (appearance): choose YES to use a design template for the block wrapper;

Custom Block description: internal use only;

Banner Group Name: select if you want to display all banners from selected banner group;

Selected banners: use this to select banner manually;

To display new Banner Block on different pages of the store, enable it in the Layout page.

If You look how to edit Main page Banner Slideshow please read this manual.