PayPal Payments Standard

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Fill in the following fields:

Status: - MUST be "ON" for Payment module to appear in your store. Please fill PayPal Email first.

Your PayPal Email Address: - Enter your PayPal e-mail address.

Sandbox (Test) Mode: -Use the live or testing (sandbox) gateway server to process transactions.

Order Status: - Select the Order Status of all new Orders created using this payment method from the drop-down. The recommended status is Pending, as this is intended to apply to Orders which have not had any actions performed on them, however you can change this to whichever status you prefer.

Transaction Method: - select the desired Transaction method

Location: - Restrict to allow only selected locations to use this payment method. Select proper location

Storefront Icon: - Payment Icon to be displayed at checkout payment selection

Total Order Minimum: - Minimum order amount to be reached to allow this payment

Total Order Maximum: - Maximum order amount to be reached to disallow this payment

Auto Select: - You can set to skip payment selection page if there is only one payment option. This payment method will be selected automatically

Sort Order: - Sort Order set's the order of which the Payment will be displayed amongst others.

Add Company Logo: - Enter local path or URL to your company logo file. The logo may be a JPG, PNG, or GIF up to 190 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. This logo will appear as the header of your PayPal checkout page.

Enter a Background Color HEX-Code: - It's recommended that the background color represent your brand. This color that's in your logo or that complements logo colors. Alternatively, neutral colors like black, white or gray will also create a professional look. For ex. #FFF00F

After you have made your changes, click the SAVE


This payment is not supported for Embed Mode.


PayPal may cause duplicate invoice ID problem in case you reinstall cart (WebriQshops order id numbers being the same as invoice numbers already used in Paypal with old cart installation). To avoid this problem you need to go into database and manually set the order number higher. This will be improved in future WebriQshops version.