Changing template settings

In the Admin area go to Design > Templates and click the edit button

Storefront Site Width : Set the width of storefront. Example: 100% or 1000px.

Store Logo: The logo you want to display in the header of your store. In order to set a logo simply Click on image to change it and a popup will appear allowing you to upload a picture you like from your local computer or set a pre-existing one which is already uploaded in the images directory of WebriQshops.


Important to hint Save button after you change logo.

Icon: A Favicon icon to display in the browser window next to the store address. Should be a PNG that is 16px x 16px.

Product images are automatically resized by WebriQshops, so you only need to upload one product image and it will resize to the sizes you specify below:

*Product Image Thumb Size: Default is 380x380. Main product image on product info page.

*Large Window Preview Size: Default is 500x500. (not available in the default HTML5 template)

*Category List Size: Default is 120x120. Subcategory image size.

*Product List Size: Default is 250x250. Products image in the listings.

*Additional Product Image Size: Default is 45x45. Product info page.

*Related Product Image Size: Default is 120x120. Product info page.

*Cart Image Size: Default is 75x75. Products image size on shopping cart page.

*Grid Image Size: Default is 57x57.

After you have made your changes, select the save button