Managing Site Revisions

One of the “must have” functionalities for all types of CMS are the ability to backup/restore data. With WebriQ CMS, it is just a few clicks away.


Whatever update you make to the site can trigger a commit version to the Github Repository. These changes will serve as your revisions. All changes can be seen from the list of site revisions and can be easily restored. A feature that is very helpful for the Developers

Restoring changes

  • 1Login with your account in
  • 2Once you're authenticated, click Manage Sites
  • 3In the Site Management Tab select a site from the list and click the edit action button
  • 4 Then click More Tab
  • 5 Click Manage your site revisions
  • 6 In the Action tab click Restore
  • 7 Add the hash code in the field and click ok button.
  • 8 Once successful you will see the notification message shown below.