Setting up a Custom Domain

All websites under your account are listed in Site Management accessible through subdomains. You can easily point multiple Domain Names and set as Primary or Aliases. Please make sure that your DNS settings are set properly by pointing it to our server. Once the DNS setting is done correctly, the site will be accessible via the Primary Domain.

Please follow the simple steps as shown below:

  • 1Login with your account in
  • 2Once you're authenticated, click Manage Sites
  • 3In the Site Management Tab, select a site from the list and click the edit action button
  • 4 Then click Domain Tab
  • 5 Click New Domain and input your primary domain or add multiple alias domains. Afterwards, click Update Site
  • 6 Click and activate Enable SSL and Force SSL. Afterwards, click Update Site


To enable SSL, take note that you need to set a Primary Domain.