Adding Custom Scripts

Often you want to inject JavaScript snippets into all pages of your site, either in the /head or at the end of the /body tag.

WebriQ CMS lets you do this without having to pollute the source code for the site with production specific snippets.

Here's an example:

  • 1Login with your account in
  • 2Once you're authenticated, click Manage Sites
  • 3In the Site Management Tab select a site from the list and click the edit action button
  • 4In the Settings Box, click More tab and click New Custom Script. As illustrated below.
  • 5Add your script title and body, click Save Custom Script. As shown below.
  • 6 Click Update Site button in the footer to update the changes. You now have successfully added a custom script.


To see it in action right click your site then select inspect. In the elements tab check your script before closing body tag.