How To

WebriQ CMS Demo

A CMS for static site generators. Give non-technical users a simple way to edit and add content to any site built with a static site generator.

  • 1Go to our demo url here:
  • 2Click the Login button
  • 3

    When ask to Sign in to Github use the account details below

    password: demo!@#1234


    If you are having problem upon logging in please contact us for immediate assistance.

  • 4Once successful you will be redirected to the /dashboard

The Dashboard

An illustration below to help you understand the /dashboard properties.

  • 1

    Site breadcrumbs

    Display the categories & subcategories of items.

  • 3

    Profile & New Content menu

    For adding new Content Types & Account Profile.

  • 3

    Sidebar Menu

    A List or Object widgets that are defined in the collections. Read more about defining your collections.

  • 4

    Editable Content Area

    Display's list of editable contents from a collection.

Making Changes

The example below will try to change meta description of the site.

  • 1From the dashboard, click Site Information in the sidebar menu.
  • 2Then click Edit Site Information from he Content Area.
  • 3

    Scroll down to Website Description.

    - Modify the existing contents to your liking.


    Whenever you make changes the preview window updates automatically.

  • 4After Editing, Click the save button to update the site.


    Sometimes the changes can take some while to take effect due to compiling delays.