Managing Site Deploy

One of the best feature of the WebriQ App is being able to switch freely between different versions of the site. This is very convenient for both the Developers and Site Owner. The user can also opt to preview the build before publishing it. A flexible and very powerful feature that users can benefit.


Any commits pushed to Github Repository triggers a website build version to our servers. Each build is a unique update which can be seen in the list under Site Deploys. Remember, new builds do not trigger any commits in Github, it is the other way around.

Publish and Preview

  • 1Login with your account in
  • 2Once you're authenticated, click Manage Sites
  • 3In the Site Management Tab, select a site from the list and click the edit action button
  • 4 Then click More Tab
  • 5 Click Manage your site builds & revisions
  • 6In the Site Deploys tab, click either Preview or Publish. Preview for just viewing the site build, and Publish for pushing it to LiVE.