Setting Up

  1. 1 Once the template is cloned to your local machine request to add as a github collaborator in order to gain a full access of the source code.

    If you don’t have a github account please create one here:


    Please use the following format below when submitting your collaborator email request


    Repo Source:

    Personal github account:

    Send via:

  2. 2

    Installing dependencies please run the following commands below.

    Make sure to install the netlify-git-api before doing the steps below. Installation steps are found on Github file. (don’t skip this part)

    cd _your_app_directory
    netlify-git-api users add --email="" --password="admin" --name="John"
    netlify-git-api serve

    Open a separate terminal window and run:

    npm install
    roots watch


    In case you encouter an error after executing roots watch. Try running the command in your terminal npm install roots -g to install roots globally.

    Visit localhost:1111 to browse the site.

    Visit localhost:1111/admin to use the CMS.

    Read full documentation at